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Song of the Day: Pressure Dommer & Zamar Yauw

I had the hardest time picking a Song of the Day winner on the last show. We had 9 nominated songs, then narrowed it down to 4. After that is when it got really tough. I ended up picking both Zamar Yauw & Pressure Dommer for Song of the Day!

Pressure Dommer “Back Down” Listen here:

Follow on IG: @noconvopressure


Zamar Yauw “Real Love” Listen here:

Follow on IG: @zamaryauw


Congrats to the other nominated artists too:

Shya L'amour “On Go" G Child Live “Side Bih” Zamar Yauw “Dark Halo” Julius “Chosen” Boss Wood “All I Know” Pressure Dommer “Give Em What They Need” Frank Stylez “Cake”

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