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3-Way Tie: Prive City, Willie Boi & Jimmy Doughpe | Video of the Day

We had the first 3-way tie ever for Video of the Day on the Free Music Review. It was hard to pick I winner so we picked the best. Congrats goes out to Prive City, Willie Boi & Jimmy Doughpe!


Prive City - Current Destination

Prive City "Current Destination"is a great song & video. They kept telling me ET is in the video but I didn't believe it til I really saw him. Make sure you find ET in the video & follow Prive City on Social Media.

Watch the full video:


Willie Boi - Amen

Willie Boi “Amen” is another real nice song & video. Props to the videographer...this was nicely shot. Make sure you watch the video & follow him on Social Media.

Watch the full video:


Jimmy Doughpe - All:Day

Tallahassee, FL’s own Jimmy Doughpe is puttin on for the city! He has his own sound & style…check out his “All:Day” video that got him #VideooftheDay. Keep up w him on Instagram…

Watch the full video:

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