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5 DJ Coalitions You Need to Break Your Music

DJ's have always been the pulse of new music since the beginning of Hip Hop. Now with streaming & blogs being so important some people forget about the djs, especially newcomers in the business. DJ's are still as important as ever. That's why I'm giving you this list of 5 Key DJ Coalitions & DJ Crews that you need to make sure have your music.

What is a DJ Coalition or DJ Crew? It's an organization of DJs that pull together to share & break music. They're like their own Family of DJs. These DJ Coalitions are all over the US & overseas too. They break records in the clubs, on radio, in the streets, on mixtapes and everywhere possible. The key is finding the ones that are strong in your area or the areas you want you music heard.

How do you get involved with them? Reach out to them on their social media or websites or just give them a call. I can't vouch for all of them, but I can vouch for the 5 I'm posting. I utilize them myself for my artists and music promo needs. I suggest getting involved w their weekly conference calls, email blasts to their djs, annual retreats & conferences, and their festival stages at SXSW / A3C.

5 DJ Coalitions & DJ Crews

Coalition DJs - They're known for being the KINGS of the strip clubs & lounges of Atlanta where tons of music is broke everyday. Founded by DJ Big X & DJ Funky. They've been responsible for some of Rap's biggest records. They're based in ATL but have Coalition DJ organizations in the Carolinas, Alabama, Detroit & more. It's a MUST you go to one of their Music Mondays where the artist gets a chance to get their music played in a room w all their DJs, get feedback & network.


Instagram: @CoalitionDJsATL

Twitter: @CoalitionDJsATL

Core DJs - The Largest DJ Crew in the US. Founded by DJ Tony Neal. Home to alot of Radio, Club & Mixtape DJs. They even have radio Program Directors in their crew. They've been breaking records for years. Make sure you get on one of their conference calls & attend their semi-annual retreat.


Instagram: @CoreDJsWorldwide

Twitter: @OfficialCoreDJs

Nerve DJs - Their strength is in their DJ concentrated in midwest. Founded by DJ Johnny O & Big Heff. They have their own radio station & mixtape site to expose your music. They also do an annual conference. I always put my artists on their DJ Conference Calls. They send out the music to their djs & then play the songs on the conference call while interviewing the artist. The DJs then give feedback. You should get involved w their Midwest Promo Tours. They take artists on the road to do shows, meet n greets, radio & media interviews.


Instagram: @NerveDJs

Twitter: @NerveDJsMixtape

Go DJs - Their strength is all throughout Texas. Founded by DJ Hi-C. The Go DJs have been around & breaking records for years. If you want access to 2 of the biggest markets in the US...Houston & Dallas, you need to them on your music. Get involved w their conference & awards show.


Instagram: @GoDJsGlobal

Twitter: @GoDJHiC

Cool Runnings DJs - Based in Florida they have southern DJs on lock! Founded by Bigga Rankin. Known for breaking artists like YFN Lucci, Money Man, Yo Gotti, Rick Ross & lots more. They have some cool services you should utilize to get needed exposure in the south. Their Street Greets are very popular. They setup a promo run in the south to do shows, meet n greets, radio & media interviews. They also have a DJ conference call. I always attend the conference & awards show, the Diamond Awards. Bigga Rankin does Mixtapes too that are very effective.


Instagram: @CoolRunningDJs

Twitter: @CoolRunningDJs

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