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TJ Talks: Follow Up is Everything

It's funny how many artists ask how can they be different amongst everyone out here doing same thing. A lot artists do the craziest things just to try to stand out from the crowd. I tell them all the time it's really not that just don't get it.

The easiest thing for any artist to do get ahead of the next big rapper, singer, songwriter or producer is just Follow Up!!! Yeah i said it...JUST FOLLOW UP! I meet so many artists everyday at concerts, music conferences, online on social media or just out wherever i go. Everybody wants to stop me to talk to me or give me their music. They all seem so serious right then at that moment. They get my contact info & everything. Then after that brief moment in time I never hear from them again. That happens w 95% of the time w artist. The 5% that do follow up & call are the ones that ultimately get ahead. Try it sometimes! I'm sure you'll see it makes all the difference in the world.

I firmly believe if your music important enough for you to follow up then it's not important enough for me to take time out my day & listen!!!

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