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Free Music Review tv

Free Music Review TV was originally created in 2008 by TJ Chapman initially called New Music Review TV.  It was started on Ustream as an outlet for artists to get professional LIVE feedback from TJ Chapman and an audience of people watching online giving feedback at the same time.  The show took off & thousands of people joined in worldwide. 

At the time TJ was managing a skyrocketing young artist named B.o.B & still is managing him now. The New Music Review show had to be put on pause. After years & years of always being told by people everywhere that he needed to bring it back.  

So now it's back with a new name called the Free Music Review.  The show is stronger than ever.  It takes place on the TJ Chapman Facebook Page normally on Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 7pm est.  He also goes on unscheduled other days of the week also.

On the Free Music Review show TJ Chapman gives raw feedback LIVE on FBLive each show w a live audience of 1000's of key people including DJs, Radio PDs, Bloggers, Record Labels & more watching your review, hearing your song & leaving feedback.

You can watch it live on  Make sure u follow the page for updates & alerts when the show come on.


TJ Chapman, Founder

"It's All About the Relationships"

Bio coming soon...

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